Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Narrative Ahoy!!

Don't you know the MSM is no longer floundering without a narrative in sight and having to report on the war.

Finally - what a relief - finally - a narrative has been spotted.

The true, important story of lo! these last few days has finally been located. And now CNN and MSNBC can bring it to you.

And not only that! It ties into every other MSM narrative about the Bush Administration. Which is how you know it is real and true!

Don'tcha know - the story behind the story of the last few days is the incompetence of the Bush Administration.

Yes, that's right. It's not about Israel, or Hizb'allah or Iran or Syria. Nope. It's about the incompetence of the Bush Adminsistration

How do you figure?

Because "the slowness" of the American evacuation of refugees from Beirut is just another mini-Katrina.

How do I know? Because Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi said so. Thus providing the MSM - who are now gleeful they have a narrative, because before this they had to report on the war - at last, at last with the story behind the story.

See, it's all about Bush and his total incompetence.

Example 1:
[Wolf] BLITZER: Let's go to New York. CNN's Mary Snow is following this other part of the story, the growing criticism that these evacuees eventually are going to have to pay to get out of Lebanon -- Mary.

MARY SNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Wolf, the anger over the U.S. evacuation is building to the point that some on Capitol Hill are now bringing up memories of Hurricane Katrina.

...REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), MINORITY LEADER: ... that they know that this is not just another manifestation of the Katrina mentality that says, we're the government, we're suppose to be there for you in these extraordinary circumstances, but we're going to find an exception so that you have to pay.
Story in place, and now the MSM are up and running with it.

Example 2: From Lou Dobbs on CNN:
Andrea Koppel to Lou Dobbs: We saw as the day went on today, Lou, that the rhetoric was ramped up especially by Democrats who seized upon this issue, in particular using the K word, Katrina, comparing the United States' perceived slowness in responding to the Americans in dire need of getting out of Lebanon, comparing it to the slow reaction of the Bush administration after the Hurricane hit both Louisiana and Mississippi.

I saw the same meme repeated by David Schuster, on Hardball.

And also, brought up gleefully and smugly, by Paula Zahn again on CNN [transcript not yet available]. And also, moments ago, by Anderson Cooper.

And so, that little pesky problem, that some of us had lately noticed, about how many on the left had not a thing to say about this war, has been solved. Solved at last! Rejoice O ye faithful!

Now that Harry Reid has provided the Democrats with their storyline - and just how much in consulting fees did that one cost, one wonders idly - the MSM, faithful lackeys, has broadcast it to the world. And all the little talking points have been sent to all the party workers, I imagine from now on in, we'll hear plenty from the left. About the real moral of this story. It, too, showcases Bush's incompetence.

Well either that, or the fundamental lack of seriousness of the Democratic leadership.

Will update with more transcripts when they become available.


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