Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Little Reality Is a Marvelous Thing

Does everyone remember this accusation and how bad it made Israel look?

Nazareth: No one told us, the Arabs, to take shelter...

Residents of predominantly Muslim and Christian town accuse government of failing to sufficiently instruct residents on what to do when rockets hit; "If they had instructed us to take cover, as in Jewish towns, death of two children might have been prevented," Nazareth man says...

The rockets caught local residents unprepared, they related. "We knew it could happen to us too, but when no one is sounding the alarms or distributing instruction flyers, we just continued life as usual," Kubati said.

It turns out that Nazareth asked to be disconnected from the air raid sirens.

Home Front Commander Yitzhak Jerry Gershon told government ministers: "The city of Nazareth asked to be disconnected from the system of air raid sirens because it interfered with them on remembrance days for IDF martyrs and on Holocaust Day."

Gershon was responding to claims that the siren didn't work in the city when it came under rocket attack in which two brothers were killed last week.


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