Thursday, July 20, 2006

Zapped Again

Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain, recently appeared wearing a Palestinian kaffiyeh.

Madrid - Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has come under criticism for posing with a Palestinian scarf on his shoulders after accusing Israel of using force "abusively" to defend itself, press reports said on Thursday...

Gustavo de Aristegui, spokesperson for the opposition conservative Popular Party (PP), called the photo "unfortunate" in the present Middle East situation. Sources of Zapatero's Socialist Party said he had not sought to be photographed in that way.
Hadn't sought it out. Old Zap simply showed his true colors.

YNET has more, on the new anti-semitism in Spain, cheer-led by Zapatero and his ministers:
Although many experts had foretold of the imminent disappearing of European Jews, nobody expected such a virulent explosion of anti-Semitism in Spain, not even under a Leftist government.

The first signal came on Monday, 5 December, when during a dinner with the Benarroch family, Zapatero and wife began claiming what Vidal Quadras, member of the European Parliament, described on the radio as "a tirade of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism".

By the moment the Benarroch couple had left the table to express their regrets, Zapatero was explaining his lack of surprise about the Holocaust: according to the people present, Zapatero claimed to understand the Nazis.
Ah yes. They're very understandable.


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