Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tony the Tiger: That's GRREEAATTT

Tony Snow is seeking to challenge
negative, lazy mainstream MSM
news reporting techniques.

White House sources said Snow ... is determined to aggressively counter what the administration considers unfair assertions in both news and editorials about Bush.

And Tony starts off in prime form.

New White House Press Secretary Tony Snow is starting off in a combative mode against the press by issuing detailed rebuttals to what he considers unfair coverage of Bush.

"The New York Times continues to ignore America's economic progress," blared the headline of an e-mail sent to reporters Wednesday by the White House press office.

Minutes earlier, another e-mail blasted CBS News, which has had an unusually rocky relationship with the White House since 2004, when CBS aired what turned out to be forged documents in a failed effort to question the president's military service.

"CBS News misleadingly reports that only 8 million seniors have signed up for Medicare prescription drug coverage," Wednesday's missive said. "But 37 million seniors have coverage." On Tuesday, the White House railed against "USA Today's misleading Medicare story."

"USA Today claims 'poor, often minority' Medicare beneficiaries are not enrolling in Medicare drug coverage," the press office complained. "But by April, more than 70 percent of eligible African Americans, more than 70 percent of eligible Hispanics, and more than 75 percent of eligible Asian Americans are enrolled or have retiree drug coverage."
Let's hope he keeps this up. It's exactly the kind of measure that has been necessary, given the reluctance of the press to report on good news, and has been so disappointingly missing.

Make it easy for the reporters to figure out what the "good stories" are. After all, wouldn't want to make them do any investigatin' or anything.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit and Ace of Spades have more, cheering Tony on.

Wiserbud, at Ace's site, comments: [M]aybe it will drive the left even more insane. Then imagine the fun!

Sister Toldjah transmits the AP's report that Tony's first informal gaggle will be tomorrow, and his first official one on Monday.


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