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Did Italian Communists Help Iranian Forces Coordinate the Murder of Italian Troops in Iraq?

Stefania, at Publius Pundit, is reporting that the Italian Intelligence overheard telephone calls coordinating an attack on Italian soldiers between Italian communists and Islamists.
Italian communist groups helped kill 3 Italian soldiers in Nassirya I reported about here. An article on L'Opinione reports (in Italian) that anti-globalization and communist groups based in Italy, among which is the infamous "anti-imperialist camp" (that collecting "Euros for the Iraqi resistance") coordinated with Islamic terrorists in Iraq to attack our troops in Nassiryiah. The Italian intelligence heard phone conversations in which the red fundamentalists instructed the Islamists about how and when to kill our soldiers. It seems that the attack was organized in order to pressure Mr. Prodi to speed the pullout from Iraq.

And of course all was coordinated by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I am sorry that I can't find the English translation of some must-read news and reports, but if you can manage to translate them by yourself, please read this news about the anger of many Carabinieri at the new-born Prodi government. When the coffins with the bodies of the three fallen heroes were staying in a governmental palace in Rome, some of the dead's colleagues (Carabinieri) expressed their unwillingness to accept the 'condolances' of Prodi and company. One of the Carabinieri said that the troops in Iraq strongly disagree with Prodi's choice to pullout them.

The relatives of the three killed soldiers have expressed their pride in their sons' mission. "He deeply believed that his mission in Iraq was for a just cause. I am sad but at the same time very proud of my son. I hope that his sacrifice won't be forgotten and won't be in vain" said the mother of one of those heroes.

Today, some exalted communists wasted no time to shout once again that infamous and terrorist phrase "10, 100, 1000 Nassiryiahs" echoing Che Guevara's "10, 100, 1000 Vietnams".

If this claim is substantiated, it will be shocking, indeed; but given the vicissitudes of European communist history, unfortunately, not altogether surprising.

For it was the communists who allied with Khomeini to overthrow the Shah of Iran, back in the late 1970s, in order to upset the American alliance and change the balance of power in the Middle East, so that it favored the Soviet bloc. And the French communists with whom Khomeini allied during his long exile in France.

Mudville Gazette has more analysis on the role of the Italian communists - whose hand was strengthened by the recent narrow victory of Prodi over Berlusconi - leading the call to withdraw from Italy.
Oliviero Diliberto, head of the Italian Democratic Communist Party, a coalition partner of Prime Minister-designate Romano Prodi, said the new government could withdraw all Italian forces from Iraq by this summer.

Mr. Prodi "completely agrees with me" on speeding up withdrawal, he said. But political sources said Mr. Prodi, who is set to form a government after Mr. Berlusconi resigns tomorrow, was unlikely to accelerate the phased withdrawal so dramatically.
And what will Oliverio Diliberto say if these charges turn out to be true? And what will Mr. Prodi do? Withdraw ignominiously after a treasonous act like this.

That the attack was orchestrated by the Iranians does not appear to be in doubt.
The newspaper la Repubblica yesterday quoted officials of the Military Intelligence and Security Service, known by its Italian acronym SISMI, saying the attack was organized by Iranian agents, who were first spotted in the province in early April.

The SISMI sources were quoted as saying the Iranians met with radical Shi'ite leaders to plot that attack and another roadside bomb that exploded near three Carabinieri paramilitary police armored vehicles close to a bridge over the Euphrates River on April 22.

A spy in a local police station evidently provided the Iranians with the route to be taken by the soldiers' convoy. Iraqi officers at the Nasariyah police station were trained by the Italian contingent, but many are considered unreliable.

I'm just waiting for someone to object to the fact that Italian Intelligence was listening in on calls that allegedly went out between Italian communists and Iran, in their own version of the NSA scandal.

[Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit by way of Powerline]


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