Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sign the Petition to Help Eradicate Human Trafficking in Israel

Here's the text of the petition to create legislation to end human trafficking in Israel. Please take the time to read and sign it.

Human trafficking is a stain on Israel's reputation and a threat to its security and moral fiber. As a supporter/citizen of Israel, I call upon the government to eradicate modern slavery within its borders. More serious action must be taken to prevent the smuggling of victims into Israel, prosecute the criminals responsible and protect the rights of those exploited. I call upon Israel to dedicate more resources to this problem, to educate the public about its dangers, and to rid itself of this terrible injustice. Israel can and must become a world leader in the fight against human trafficking.

Some actions have been taken to stop this heinous practice in Israel, but much more needs to be done.

I didn't know this. Apparently, these "houses of prostitution," which are actually the places these women are forcibly kept, advertise their services in big ads in newspapers, and the courts have made a travesty of shutting them down, imposing fines less onerous than the amount of money the papers rake in from this practice. Until these ads are penalized with punishing fines, the practice will go on.

Here's a story about human trafficking in Israel if you are unfamiliar with this shameful controversy. And another one, from Jewlicious. Read them and feel ashamed that this is going on, largely unaddressed, in Israel.

[Hat Tip on the petition: Seraphic Secrets]


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