Thursday, February 16, 2006

Time Waster

Things You Learn from Reading The Huffington Post:

Apparently, not only was Cheney, um, dead drunk when he shot Whittington last Saturday - that appears to be the Democrat legal conventional wisdom at the moment - but he and Whittington were having a shooting tryst with women they were not married to - implication: their mistresses. Which makes him quite as contemptible as - um, Democrats - like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

And somehow a born again evangelist has played a role in something - his presence alone indicates - don'tcha know - more clearly than anything else just how far into evil Cheney has already descended.

Frankly, I'd rather play with the Red Square. Hey! I got up to 14.935 seconds on my first try today. Not quite "brilliant" - that's 18 seconds - but close.


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