Tuesday, February 14, 2006

German Moslems Challenge Ahmadinejad on Holocaust Denial

A Muslim cultural institute in Germany on Monday criticised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for disparaging the Holocaust, daring him to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp.

"In this place of horror he can again deny the Holocaust, if he has the courage," a spokesman for the Islam-Archiv-Deutschland Central Institute told the German Catholic press agency KNA.

In recent statements, the hardline Iranian president has dismissed the Nazis' systematic slaughter of mainland Europe's Jews as a "myth" used to justify the creation of Israel and called for the state to be "wiped off the map".

...The Berlin-based institute, founded in 1927, is the oldest Muslim body in Germany.

It has been dedicated to preserving the community's archives since the 18th century and fostering relations between Muslims and other religions.
I wonder if these Moslems are to other sects and sociological groupings of Islam as Yeckishe Jews (German Jews) are to other branches of Ashkenzi Judaism.


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