Monday, February 13, 2006

Not That Envelope Please

Protesting the academy: there's a petition to protest the nomination of Paradise Now - the European financed, pro Palestinian film glorifying suicide bombing:
An anonymous on-line petition to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which so far has been signed by 4,313 people in Israel and abroad, calls upon the academy to withdraw the film Paradise Now from the list of nominations for best foreign film.

Directed by Israeli-born Hany Abu-Assad from a screenplay he wrote with Dutch producer Bero Beyer, and starring Kais Nashef and Ali Suliman, Paradise Now chronicles 48 hours in the lives of two young men in Nablus who are sent on a suicide mission to Israel. After one of the two terrorists decides at the last minute to return home, the film ends with his friend sitting on a Tel Aviv bus with an explosive belt tied to his body - moments before the inevitable explosion.
Googling got me to this link. But it appears to be down at the moment. Hacked by people in favor of the movie? I wouldn't be surprised. [If someone else has another link, please let me know.]

Update: The link is working now.

Later Update: That is, it's sort of working. It's still not letting me sign.

Let's get the petition some exposure on the web.


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