Saturday, February 11, 2006

Moronic Convergence Dept.

Judith, my co-blogger in chief at Kesher Talk points us to the absurdity of the notorious anti-zionist professor Joseph Massad reviewing the movie Munich.

In a similar vein, Martin Kramer's comments on the Moronic Convergence that promoted Joseph Massad to Associate Professor at Columbia:
Massad, a Palestinian extremist and protege of the late Edward Said, was the prime culprit in last year's student abuse scandal. His most famous contribution to the store of human knowledge is his ingenious discovery that Zionism isn't just racism, it's antisemitism...If Edward Said hadn't been pulling all the strings on Morningside Heights, Massad probably would have ended up teaching in a community college. Now he's one step away from tenure at a leading university.

Kramer relates further how in the opinion of David Biale, it was the very din against Massad that led those who formerly had doubts about giving Massad tenure to now side with him.

So protesting against a professor for inappropriate behavior assures the promotion of said professor among a certain cadre of tenured professor?

Very, uh, liberal minded of them.

David Bernstein at the Volokh Conspiracy responds to Kramer's comments here.

For more about Massad's promotion to Associate Professor, see also the NYSun. ]


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