Thursday, February 09, 2006

Able Danger Update

Public Able Danger Hearings are set for February 15, 2006. The day before this, February 14th, Lt. Col. Anthony Schaffer will testify on the DIA retaliation for speaking out on the subject of Able Danger despite attempts to silence him.

Hat Tip: Able Danger Blog

NEW: See also Bob Kerrey's somewhat self important statement about Able Danger Hearings at He's in favor of them.
I'm trying to understand how this could be possible. Let's assume for the moment that Lt. Col. Shaffer told me during a two-hour face-to-face interview last August that he sat with Zelikow in Afghanistan and went over Able Danger in great detail. "I spoke with Zelikow for longer than we've just spoken," Shaffer told me. "This interview is nothing compared to what I went through with Philip Zelikow," he added.

There's no question in my mind that your staff director, Philip Zelikow, heard this information about Able Danger in great detail.

No question in your mind.

In my mind and certainly no question in Shaffer's mind, as the briefer.

Well, there's a question in my mind.

Okay, that's what I'm asking you: Why is there that question? Because you think someone like Shaffer could be making this up?

Because there's no motivation for Philip Zelikow to withhold it. He's got a phenomenal memory and a phenomenal intellect and he could have been half asleep and he would have remembered that. That's a wake-up statement, so there's no motivation for Philip Zelikow not to bring that information back.

But, I can't get to the bottom of it. I have no capacity to get to the bottom of the dispute between these two individuals. The only way to get to the bottom of it is for the House Armed Services Committee to subpoena them both and bring them before the committee as witnesses.


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