Wednesday, February 08, 2006

From the Annals of Heh!

So it looks like John Bolton along with longtime Iran investigator Kenneth R. Timmerman have been nominated for the 2006 Nobel Piece Prize. It seems a little early in the year for a nomination, but what the hell. Enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts.

Bolton and Timmerman were formally nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Sweden's former deputy prime minister and Liberal party leader Per Ahlmark.

Ahlmark is meeting with journalists, opinion leaders and policymakers in Washington this week at the invitation of the Jewish Institute for National Security Afffairs (JINSA).
I don't for a minute imagine they'll get it, but finally a nomination for someone I agree with! Although in the end, I'm sure it will go to someone like Ahmadinejad, for not yet nuking Israel, or to someone else unsuitable for some equally ridiculous reason.

Still, I'm kind of curious about the reason for this. Is it a public maneuver to show the Iranians just how serious the international community intends to be on Iranian nuclear weapons? I'm fairly well inured against thinking that high level European types could actually be right and straight out sincere on an issue like this.

And the second best thing is the incredulous reaction from the lefties.

You just can't make up how true to form they are.


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