Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cindy Sheehan arrested On Capitol Hill


You can't wear protest shirts to the SOTU, Cindy.

It's not all about you.

Moonbats typically are offended and call it the death of liberty. Well, she could have put her jacket back on. She knew what she was doing. She wanted the attention one way or the other.

I only kinda half listened to speech, so I'll just link to Vodkapundit who liveblogged it with a drink in one hand a full plate of snark in the other.

But did anyone else besides me and Mark Levin catch Hillary's very odd laugh during the speech when Bush was speaking about the spread of liberty? Very weird and inappropriate looking.

Not to mention how unamused she looked when Bush repeated his bon mot about Clinton being his other brother.

I did notice, though, Bush's unequivocal statement on Iran - that was a good one.


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