Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The New Look of the Blog

I had been wanting to change templates for a while, and last night I finally realized that the problems I had experienced earlier this week were nowhere near resolved in IE at all. And since the majority of the people visiting this blog use IE, I had to do something really quick. I usually use Safari myself, and everything had looked dandy there - and Firefox has one or two small anamolies, but IE was a mess. The funny thing was my IE had suddenly conked out - so I wasn't able to test it. It kept on sticking and not working everytime I opened the program in general. So discovering the extent of the mess last night was an impetus to change over completely and more imediately than I had planned.

Anyway, this is all sedate and grown up looking.

I may change again in a while to something more individual. But we're here now for at least a while.

UPDATE: Hmm. So far the one reaction I've gotten is a negative response to the new template. Anyone else?

Ideally, I'd like to make my own template, but my photoshopping skills and knowledge of code are not yet up to it.


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