Friday, January 27, 2006

Uh, Yeah. That About Says It All

From Cox&Forkum

Hamas, as it turns out, may be as bemused by their victory as some in the West:

[A] Hamas leader in Nablus, a professor at An-Najah University who did not run, told the Post that many of the leaders were disappointed with the results. "We didn't want this, we didn't hope for this. We wanted to be in the opposition," he said, speaking at a green-flagged, rabble-rousing victory rally in downtown Nablus. "Now all the responsibility is on us."

Though as it stands right now, not all Palestinians are actually looking forward to the upcoming jihad.

the security forces guarding hotels where foreign election observers stayed had long faces. "This is terrible," said one named Majdi. "Maybe Hamas will tell us to go to war."

Looking over at his colleagues, he asked "You guys ready for jihad?"

The line of young men in camouflage uniforms carrying assault rifles looked up at him blankly. "No man," said one. "No way."


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