Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamastan Before Our Eyes

Ha'aretz provides a convenient Who's Who in Hamas for its top 5 leaders.

Ehud Olmert tells the world that a Palestinian Authority led by Hamas is "not a partner" in peace.

"If a government led by Hamas or in which Hamas is a coalition partner is established, the Palestinian Authority will be turned into an authority that supports terror. Israel and the world will ignore it and make it irrelevant," Olmert said.

Whether this is his tactics or his actual stance, we'll find out in time. But it is clear enough he has to begin with absolute firmness.

Whereas Netanyahu said:
Responding to Hamas' victory in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections, Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that, "The state of 'Hamastan' has been created before our eyes - an Iranian satellite state in the image of the Taliban. It was created in close proximity to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion International Airport. We need to do some soul-searching, because the writing was on the wall. A policy of unilateral withdrawal rewarded Hamas terror."


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