Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Far Less Amusing Side of George Galloway

All expectations are that George Galloway is about to get voted out of his celebrity house later tonight in Britain.

If so, he'll return to find a video from 1999 of him fawning over Uday Hussein and joking about weight loss and cigars currently making the news. The Sun has an excerpt along with some stills from the video.

Uday Hussein, a serial murderer, rapist and torturer of the cruellest order, was diagnosed by his doctor as both brain damaged - as a result of an assasination attempt - and insane. The entire column from the summer is worth a read.

Galloway will also return to news of a serious investigation for fraud with respect to the oil for food corruption scandal, otherwise known as UNSCAM.

Harry's Place has a transcription of the Galloway/Uday video.

Captain's Quarter's has more on this situation, pointing out that Norm Coleman, Galloway's interlocuter during the Senate Inquiry into Oil for Food, will have the last laugh on their exchange. Coleman made sure to get Galloway lying on the record in simple and straightforward English. He, and the Senate in general, was laughed at at the time by Galloway supporters who assumed that Galloway had given them a rhetorical drubbing. But as wretchard at Belmont Club long ago pointed out, it turns out there was a point to what they were doing.
The tone and manner of Galloway's examination suggested that the Senators were trying to establish a specific point for the record, in the hopes of using Galloway's testimony against him later.


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