Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Snicker Grows

Sorry for the radio silence recently. I was, uh, kidnapped by aliens. Unfortunately, they didn't allow me to liveblog the experience. No live casting from shipside. Besides, they kept me busy in my spare time.

Anyway, just thought I'd return to snicker once again at the latest tidings from Drudge – otherwise known as industry gossip – about Steven Spielberg.
Hollywood players watched Spielberg's polite reaction as Ang Lee's controversial western won award after award Sunday evening during the nationally televised GOLDEN GLOBES.

But behind the scenes, a quiet anger has developed over the handling of MUNICH during the award season run-up.

"She says she loves all of her children equally, but Stacey [Snider] and her team have given every priority to BROKEBACK," charges the MUNICH source. "Gay romance is easier to sell to the academy than a complex study of an Israeli assassin."

Either that, or Roger Simon is quite correct in his speculation that more people in the Beverly Hills-LA area have reddened up recently than is generally known or acknowledged. And no doubt some of these are *secret* academy voters.

Judith at Kesher Talk has more thoughts on boy on boy action, and why that is a demographic that appeals not only to men over here.

Piggybacking on this issue, Paradise Now, the Palestinian film on suicide bombing that won the Golden Globe for best foreign film, is essentially being ignored at home, in Palestine.

Although the film — which snared the Golden Globe in Los Angeles on Monday — has never been screened in Nablus, residents here said the clips they saw on satellite television portrayed the bombers as godless and less than heroic.

"This movie doesn't help the Palestinian cause," said an armed Palestinian militant who would not give his name because he's on the run. "People who go to carry out bombings do not hesitate so much."
But then, ironies abound. When the film was being shot, one of the cameramen was briefly kidnapped as a way to protest the fact that it was not portraying suicide bombers in a positive enough light. Where did it resume shooting? Why in an Israeli Arab city, of course.

How unshocking. That's just your quotient of normal, everyday irony.


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