Friday, January 06, 2006

An Arab Tribute to Sharon

"Courage and objectivity require us to admit that Ariel Sharon has lived all his life for his people's benefit," a commentary in Jordan's al-Dustur reads.

"If he were an Arab leader and behaved as he has done in Israel, he would have been the idol of the masses from the Atlantic to the Gulf."

The last line in an article from the BBC reporting on the reporting of Sharon's grave situation in the Arab Press.

Comments from the Egyptian Chief of Staff, Salah Halabi.


In contrast, here's what Israeli columnist Amotz Asa El has to say about Sharon:

For their part, Israelis of all walks of life did not say Thursday "Gaza," but "Arik," expressing a pervasive anxiety as the post-Sharon era dawned unannounced.

Affinity for the man whose image somehow transformed over the years from Tarzan to Santa Claus is indeed nearly universal.

I love that image: From Tarzan to Santa Claus.


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