Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Studies in Dhimmitude

Martin Kramer deconstructs Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud's generosity in bestowing $20 million dollar worth of beneficence upon Georgetown University.

Deborah Solomon questions Alaweed on the munificent Prince's equal level of generosity to Harvard in a piece called Big Imam on Campus. Oddly for the New York Times, she asks some tough questions and doesn't accept guff in response.
Doing business with the citizens of a country is not the same thing as believing in that country's right to exist.

We are doing so many things to bridge the gap between Christianity and Islam and Judaism. For example, at my hotel in Paris, George V, you are going to find the Christian Bible, the Jewish Bible and the Islamic Koran in each single room.

That's a wonderful idea, but a luxury hotel in Paris is a long way from Saudi Arabia, where you could surely spend more money on Judeo-Christian studies.

Look. You have to understand that the population of Saudi Arabia has zero Christians.

That's the point. Why shouldn't you should spend your millions educating your own students before you educate kids at Harvard?

Obviously, it could be something we are contemplating...

You have to understand. I am a friend of the United States, and these days to be in the Arab world and to be a friend of the United States is a liability. But nevertheless I say it. I am a great friend.
Ah, he's our friend even at the risk of it being a liability for himself! What a generous manner this Prince has.

Friend Pamela at Atlas Shrugs highlights a worthy question about the politics of this transaction from Cliff May.

Frank Gaffney on Prince Alaweed's means of dealing with headlines he doesn't like on Fox News, in which he owns a substantial stake, here.

Alexander Joffe examines Georgetown's sell out to the Saudi's.


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