Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sarkozy in 2007

[Nicholas Sarkozy,] the interior minister [of France] compounds his popularity with regular, high-profile deportations of criminals, rioters and mad mullahs who turn out to be in France illegally. And he takes every opportunity to point out that he is far from finished yet.

His success - or lack of it - would have great consequences for France and for Europe. There might also be a lesson for our own troubled Conservative Party, which has deliberately avoided Sarkozy-style plain-speaking for fear of appearing "nasty".

I am not aware of any pronouncement David Cameron has made about the shocking protests in London, 10 days ago, calling for beheadings and executions. His economic policy consists of maintaining Labour's.

Oops, I forgot the link the first time and to add in an attribution. That's what I get for running out without checking my work...


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