Friday, February 24, 2006

Good for Sasha Cohen for Winning Silver


That is, since she didn't hit gold. She may have screwed up two jumps in the long program, but I thought her artistry was fantastic, the best by far. The Times seems to disdain her. Typically, I disdain the Times.

And did anyone else notice she was wearing one of those red bracelet thingies. I wonder in her case whether it is a kabbalah bracelet or from Kever Rachel. (There is a tradition that women wear red string around their wrist that was once wrapped around the grave of Rachel - one of the Holy Sites of Israel, now in Bethlehem. Typically this was for marriage and fertility - but hey winning an Olympic medal might have a causative effect in that direction, indirectly. Well you never know. I haven't figured out why the kabbalah people wear them though.

And by way of Blackfive we learn she has adopted a soldier via Soldiers' Angels. And considers Soldiers' Angels one of her favorite charities.


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