Saturday, December 24, 2005

Take The Poll On Munich In Ha'aretz

Take The Poll in Ha'aretz as to what you think of Munich!!

By the way, NOT having seen the film is no bar to having an opinion!

The great majority of those polled have not seen the movie and hate it anyway!!!!

UPDATE: Commendations to my co blogger Judith at KesherTalk who ran an excellent series on Munich yesterday! Well worth your time perusing.

The American Thinker is also running a series by Kate Wright on why not to see Munich - which stands for appeasement. Where Wright points out something I did not know as yet, that the French version of Muich is going to be called Vengeance. Which puts the story in a wholly different light.

Vengenace is the name of the specious book about the Munich reprisal, based on the account of a man falsely claiming to be a Mossad agent. His claim has been debunked.

UPDATE: James Lileks applies the Munich angle to other Hollywood scrips in the war on terror.

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