Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Serenity

Two days ago, Instapundit was worried he was not going to receive his Serenity DVD by Christmas. But he got it yesterday despite the email message that Amazon sent him informing him of a later date.

My Amazon package with Serenity package shipped Thursday evening and my confirming email said I would only receive the package by 1/05/06 since I had requested free shipping. However, I received it early this morning. A nice Christmas Hanukah surprise. Ever since they instituted that overnight yearly rate, I've found I'm getting my packages -- shipped for free -- at a faster rate. Which is among the things that keeps me going back to them.

You know the thing I really miss after Christmas? The fact that all those Christmas trees, with their wonderful, complex aromas, are taken off the streets. And there is even less green around the streets. It makes winter feel bleaker after Christmas.


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