Saturday, December 24, 2005

Download the Basics of Battlestar Galactica

At iTunes, apple is offering a free 21 minute download which reviews the plotlines of BGS up until mid 2nd season. Unfortunately, while it's free, and though you can download it through free itunes, it is also in IPOD size, which makes it really annoying to watch, unless you like two inch screens.

Apparently it is going to be played at some point on sci-fi channel in early January, but for those who don't get that, this might be one way to catch up without watching everything.

UPDATE: BTW, once the video is playing on the tiny screen, if you drag it into the center, it makes a new screen you can adjust as large as you like! Though it loses some of the excellent resolution of the 2" size.

UPDATE II: Time Magazine votes BSG No. 1 show of the year. Not that I agree with their simplistic interpretation of the show. But does that mean there will be emmies?

And Prison Break, a show I almost enjoy, except the ridiculous arcania of its external vice-presidential plot, is no 9.


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