Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Dynamic Duo

I've got to say, I find Peres' statement that Sharon is the only leader who can lead Israel to peace more surprising than Sharon's turn away from Likud. Anyone who followed Israeli politics could see that move was in the wind given how much anger Likudniks have against Sharon. They'll not forgive what they perceive as his betrayal on Gaza for years.

But it is pretty amazing that Peres now openly states Sharon is the best leader to bring Israel to peace... Whoever thought they'd see that in their lifetime? The lamb lies down with the lion...well or something like that.

Well I never believed the leftist mantra about how Sharon was an evil general and war criminal. But I remain permanently disappointed he isn't doing anything about the situation on Temple Mount. And continuing to not do anything confirms the status quo, making it harder and harder ever to be able to do anything.

A less attractive theory to explain the two, is that it is a bunch of men in their seventies supporting each other because of their reluctance to release the reins of power into the hands of younger men.

Ha'aretz takes this latter view; actually, an extreme form of this latter view. Peres has said goodbye to Labor, so now it is time for Labor to pull out the arsenal of knives they have obviously kept sharp for years to use against him.

Every time [Peres] ran for office, the voters pushed him away from the centers of national responsibility. Because they knew, with their sharp senses, that this is a man who has no God other than his personal good.

This path of wheeling and dealing led him yesterday to the moment of truth of his political life. Some 60 years of wheeling and dealing were condensed into one appearance before the nation. He was faced with two alternatives  to show dedication to the path he has walked and believed in all his life, or to take a job with his mate, Ariel Sharon. Once again it was obvious he would not be able to resist the temptation and would choose the second option.


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