Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Murtha the Dove in Hawk's Clothing

My co blogger at KesherTalk points out that Murtha was instrumental in advising the Clinton Administration to withdraw precipitately from Somalia. Thus confirming in Al Qaeda's eyes just how easy it is to cow us into surrender.

Not content with that, he's going for a double header on Iraq, so the terrorists can have their biggest victory against us yet - early withdrawal from Iraq. Which will prove to them we don't have the stomach for the long fights.

Was this guy asleep during the 1990s? Didn't he realize there were unfortunate consequences for American interests as a results of his advice, and the fact that the Clinton Administration followed up on their brave stance in Somalia by refusing to respond vigorously to terrorists attacks throughout his time in office?

At Captain's Quarter's, the Captain reports on this piece on Murtha in Newsmax, while sounding a cautionary note that Newsmax's reporting is not, ahem, infallible. And there's a very interesting conversation going on in the comments pointing out, among other things, Murtha's words from his own book, "From Vietnam to 9/11":

" In Somalia a well-meaning humanitarian intervention ended in failure because we interjected ourselves into a civil war. I am not arguing that we should have acted decisively with a larger military force in either case. As I have explained, I opposed the intervention in Somalia from the day the decision to intervene was made."

And commenter Jake reminds us of Ben Laden's own words: “We think that the United States is very much weaker than Russia. Based on the reports we received from our brothers who participated in jihad in Somalia, we learned that they saw the weakness, frailty, and cowardice of US troops. Only 80 US troops were killed. Nonetheless, they fled in the heart of darkness, frustrated, after they had caused great commotion about the new world order”.


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