Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Worm Turns

Fascinating glimpse at Mitterand, from his shrink's new book. You might think that his shrink should not be allowed to write about Mitterand's sessions, but Mitterand, being Mitterand, instructed him to do so. French politicians, narcissists all. Although watching Chirac makes me nostalgic for Mitterand. I get the impression he was better for France than Jacques "no response to Paris burning" Chirac.

Maggy Thatcher, portrayed as a brilliant diplomatic poker player in this article, for some odd reason is said to have liked Chirac once. Heck, I thought I liked him once, years ago, when I lived in France. But only before I knew him. He was much more attractive as the corrupt opposition leader than the corrupt leader of France himself.


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