Sunday, September 18, 2005

Occupied New Orleans

Look! It's become a Leftist Meme:
Well, I mean, in the days that have passed, the week or so since you were here this past weekend, we have seen a real increase in the militarization of the city. It's turned into a much greater state of lockdown. You have more military checkpoints set up. You have less of a civilian presence in large parts of the city and much more of a military presence ... The same looters who have raided the federal funds in Iraq, U.S. funds in Iraq, are looting federal funds here in New Orleans. - Jeremy Scahill, of Democracy Now, reporting on Amy Goodman's radio show.
Uh oh. Republicans and horrible Capitalists - and no doubt sinister International financiers as well - are occupying New Orleans along with the military.

Can you believe the horror? Mayor Nagin wants to open a giant, downtown, convenient Wal-Mart so people can shop for replacement items when they get home.

It's a fascist conspiracy, damnit!

Now what was that about Invoking the Insurrection Act again?

Confederate Yankee provides an amusing pictoral debunking of Cindy's recent screed.


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