Saturday, September 17, 2005

Right about the Left

So it looks like Jane isn't showing up, after all, for her joint Galloway appearances.
Message from Jane Fonda:

Dear friends, I'm sorry I can't be there. I have recently had hip surgery and my doctor has told me I cannot travel for a while. I do intend to speak out about Iraq. Those of of us who were opposed to the Vietnam War were right. And those who oppose the Iraq war are right. I hope as many of us you as possible can go to the demonstration on September 24 in Washington, DC.! You'll be hearing from me.
Can it be, as I earlier predicted, that Cindy wanted to show up as well, and Jane specified in her contract no joint appearances with Sheehan?

Gene puts a kindlier spin on it, suggesting that Fonda saw a video of Galloway performing, and realized how it would tarnish her.

Doubt it. This is a woman who stood shoulder to shoulder with our Vietnamese enemy. And thinks of it as her moment in the sun.

Perhaps it was her agent who talked sense into her. In America, Mr. Pecuniary, here in the avatar of Pat Kingsley – Tom Cruise's former publicist – usually gets the final word.

In addition, Harry points us to some comments from the manger of Galloway's tour. Here he is assessing Hitchen's suporters.
Despite the fact that we had to make them stand in the heat and humidity to get them though the metal detectors that our insurance policy required, the vast majority of the crowd was good-natured, patient and helpful.

However, there were a noticeable number of belligerent patrons, most of them white men, quite a few of them smelling of happy hour. I had assumed that only a few of Hitchens fans would attend, so I didn’t necessarily put two-and-two together at the time.
Being neither belligerent, male, nor smelling of happy hour, he clearly didn't notice me. In fact, the belligerent person near me was white, male, smelling of happy hour, loud, rude and a self-proclaimed Galloway supporter.

Heh. The only way the left can understand the right is by claiming that it's all just drunken logic. So, too, they claim Hitchen's is just a drunk. But, according to them, he only became a drunk once he turned right. Which is a lovely illustration of the far left's lack of comprehension of anything beyond itself.


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