Friday, September 16, 2005

Who Knew?

That Viggo was at the debate rooting for Galloway? Viggo, we loved you as Aragon in LOTR, but you are vying for world's biggest moonbat. He's been a busy boy - flying down to Crawford to sit vigil with Cindy "pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq" Sheehan and now hanging out with Gorgeous George.

Is there a dangerous idiot or demagogue on the anti-war left he's not associated with these days?

Update: BTW, the link to Cindy's column is finally working again and the column is a must read! How do I know? Because Michael Moore tells me so. And I always do what he says. And if that's not enough for you, why the link even includes the word(s) mustread!

But go ahead and read it. It's a left-wing classic of feeble scribbles of thought and eery logical bends.

The Strata-Sphere fisks Cindy for us, gently pointing out in the process that we are not dealing here with a notable intellect, but rather its opposite.

Since this is also the logic plane on which Michael Moore operates and finds his greatest rhetorical strength, it makes me wonder whether the same thing is true of him. Ann Althouse had a classic last year, calling into question John Kerry's intellectual firepower. I'm wondering whether the same thing is true of a man who believes that this is a must read. Unless, of course, for one reason or another, Moore's trying to undermine Cindy. But nah. That sounds all too much like a sinister, Karl Rovian type plot.

Powerline has an excellent article relating exactly who these new friends of Cindy are. In fact, it's all rather incestuous, since her friends turn out to be in the same camp as Galloway's. Saddam's supporters. And thus, ultimately, supporters now of the Baathists who murdered her son. How revealing that sad fact is about the tricks some unconscious minds play on themsleves in order to preserve and enshrine and mummify anger as a stage of grief. So as to forestall moving onto bargaining, the next stage of grief. And the eventual capitulation into acceptance and a return to psychological normalcy.

So everything that Bush has done or is doing must be condemned, and everyone who condemns Bush must be embraced, no matter if she ends up thereby embracing people associated with and supporting financially the actual killers of her son. Because only thus can the reality be held back.

Mark in Mexico juxtaposes Cindy's "interpretation" of Malik Rahim's words with what he really said. Loose is not the word for it. He may be a veteran of the Black Panther and now a communist, but Rahim's comments, in this context at least, are utterly sensible.

It seems that the natives in and around New Orleans know the situation there in much more detail than do the national media, flooding into the limelight and shouting prescriptions based on ignorance of the situation and their superficial biased political leanings, the way they normally do. Exhibit 1 of that statement, the attempt by ABC reporter, Dean Reynolds to ask leading question until the audience he was interviewing blamed President Bush for the poor post flood conditions in NO immediately after the levées broke.

NEW UPDATE: Now apparently, Cindy is NOT going to be appearing with Galloway. Apparently she now realizes he's a bad, bad man. Instead, she'll be speaking with Greg Palast at the Operation Ceasefire gathering in Washington DC, sponsored by the DC Anti-War Network and United for Peace and Justice.


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