Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This Plague of Destruction

For any of my readers suffering ill effects from Hurricane Katrina, my hearts goes out to you.

After the practically self congratulatory tone of the news all day yesterday of a disaster diverted, the news has turned unbelievably grim today. And its keeps getting grimmer and grimmer by the hour as the extent of the tragedies become known.

WWLTV.Com has continuing updates about the effects of Katrina.

WLOX 13 has videos available of the destruction.

Hundreds may be dead in Biloxi, Mississippi, which didn't get the same evacuation warning time as inhabitants of New Orleans, after a 30 foot storm surge came ashore. Bodies are visible, floating in the city's floodwaters.

Michelle Malkin also has several long posts with links, and points to this post at Red State that contains many suggestions as to where to donate relief funds.

Apparently, Jefferson Parish has already established Martial Law. If you live in Jefferson Parish, currently underwater, you will be allowed to visit your home next Monday with photo ID. And after that, you can't go home again for a month.

Hugh Hewitt wants to set up a day of concerted blogging for hurricane relief efforts. Glenn Reynolds suggests Thursday.

And the Anchoress emails Glenn Reynolds with a suggestion of setting up something for Hurrican Relief like the Honor System at Amazon that was established for Tsunami Relief.


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