Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The High Inquisitors – Early American Style

Another story I meant to link to yesterday, about the descendents of Marrano Jews in the American Southwest rediscovering their Judaism hundred of years after the New Mexican Inquisiton.
[T]he descendants of those lost in the Inquisition are alive and well and are found in the fastest-growing ethnic group in the world, the Hispanic population," Leon said. "I am sure that at least 10 percent of the worldwide Hispanic community today have Jewish ancestry from the Spanish Inquisition."

Sonya Loya, herself a crypto-Jew, said it goes beyond the Spanish Inquisition.

"Most don't know there was a Mexican Inquisition, let alone a New Mexican Inquisition," Loya said.

I've been reading and enjoying these stories for years. I love reading them. Not least because I spent three years living in Santa Fe. And can imagine very well where the High Inquisitors were housed.

The Palace of the Governors in the central plaza in town is the oldest continually occupied municipal building in the United States, built in the early 1600s.


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