Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gazing Beyond Gaza

Mark Steyn has another must read column up on Gaza today:
It was my National Review colleague David Frum who came up with the clearest assessment to date of the Israeli strategy: “Could it be that Sharon is calling the bluff of Western governments and the Arab states? By creating the very Palestinian state that those governments and those states pretend to want but actually dread Sharon is forcing them to end their pretense and acknowledge the truth."
Could be. Although I'm sure the world will still find a way to blame whatever happens on Israel. As they say, read the whole thing.

According to Debka:
Israel’s Supreme Court issued injunction forbidding demolition of Gush Katif synagogues in Gaza Strip , to open negotiations with Palestinian Authority over their preservation.
In plain English, um, why the hell would they do that? Have they learned nothing from the tea history? [Er, sorry for that tea remark. Inapropos Angel reference.]

What do you all think about this? Better to destroy the synagogues with those Caterpillars which so focus the ire of the disinvestors? And have the memory of Jews destroying synagogues preserved in memorium on digital files that can easily be exploited in the future against Israel and Jews? One can imagine the arguments already: After all, they destroy their own synagogues themselves when it suits them, so it's not so bad when we do it...] Or leave them to become Palestinian pissoirs? If not immediately, then whenever foreign policy between Israel and Palestine becomes the least bit fraught.

Neither alternative is good, but I think, of the two, destruction is the least bad.

Debka is also reporting that the Al Qaeda terror team responsible for lobbing those missiles at the US Navy warships, time to coincide with the Gaza Disengagement, has been rolled up by the Jordanians, with the help of the US Navy's hidden video-cameras, a policy enacted after the Cole bombing. And that a Syrian based in Amman with his entire family was the head of this particular terror team. A Syrian, huh. Now that's a shocker.

Update: Captain Ed links to an AP article that goes into more detail than Debka about the identities of the men in the Jordanian terrorist team and their methods. He points out that even minimal analysis of their sloppy methods, including their unwillingness to martyr themselves in this case, reveals the damaging attrition rate Zarqawi is experiencing in his Iraq campaign. And its lack of overall success. Of course the latter is not the impression that the majority of the news media leaves us with each day. Although note that in his comment section, Captain Ed is being accused of drawing a hasty conclusion based on only one piece of data.

In other news, the NYSun is reporting that several congress people have gotten off their asses, even at the end of summer, to send chiding remarks and letters demanding answers to the UNDP, recently responsible for directly funding Palestinian propaganda. One imagines that those UN types must believe it's so much more worthwhile to feed the suicide bombing culture directly, rather than the large percentage of children in Gaza actually suffering from malnourishment according to UN figures.

As to whether anything will come of the efforts of Senator Schumer, Rep. Anthony Weiner, Rep. Eliot Engel, all three Democrats from NY and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican from Florida, besides a lot of tut-tutting back and forth and the continuation with the corrupt status quo, who knows. One hopes, of course, that in time Bolton will begin to have a salubrious effect on this tainted body. [Is that too naïve?] But only time will tell.


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