Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No Synagogue Left Behind

The Israeli Supreme Court is still considering the fate of the various synagogues being left behind in the Disengagement from Gaza – whether they should be destroyed – and by whom, Israelis or Arabs – or moved, brick by brick from Gaza to Israel proper.

Meanwhile, some of these arguments for keeping them in place have to be seen to be believed:
The petition, prepared by Atty. Gilad Korinaldi, maintained that Israel had violated international charters that guarantee freedom of religion and respect for religious sensibilities. He said it would be better if Arabs would destroy the buildings, and not Jews - and that perhaps the PA Arabs could be trusted not to vandalize or desecrate them.
Um, I ask rhetorically, has this guy heard about what the Wakf is doing to the Temple Mount, the most important physical monument in Jewish history? Or what happened at Joseph's tomb in Nablus/Shechem? Or the fact that Rachel's Tomb has been at times under bombardment and has been fortified to withstand attack with its own army post?

At least there is a judge on the panel who realizes just how disastrous that suggestion would turn out.
Judge Dorit Beinish responded that "life experience" teaches that the Arabs could not be trusted in this connection.
Unfortunately for us and our holy places.


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