Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Favorite TV Shows

My 10 Favorite TV Shows:

Gakked from around the Blogosphere.

Currently, the top three are pretty much a 3 way tie even though I only saw the 7 episodes of The Inside that were recently broadcast. That was shaping up to be an amazing show, however. Definitely obsessive-making.

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Angel
  • The Inside
  • Firefly
  • (current) Battlestar Galactica
  • Chancer
  • Touching Evil (UK Version)
  • Wonderfalls

  • Veronica Mars

Okay, there are only 9 that I can think of at the minute. I'm a little shaky on the Veronica Mars though. It definitely depends on what happens this year as to whether that one stays on the list. That one's definitely down at the bottom.

Heh! Notice the overwhelming and consistent Joss Whedon, Tim Minear theme! Although, these days, I may actually prefer Tim Minear to Joss Whedon.

In any case, before those two, I never bothered to do things like find out the name of Creators and Showrunners. So have no clue who created Chancer or Touching Evil. But, hello, that is what IMDB is for. Hold on a second. Okay, the directors of Chancer are Alan Grint and Laurence Moody. Grint sound like a good Potterverse name, come to think of it. But the page doesn't mention whether they created the show or not.


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