Friday, July 15, 2005

Who Are You

I gakked the Which Fantasy/Sci Fi character are you quiz from Powerline. And just like Hugh and John, I'm Yoda. Which is probably even less correct than me being Karl Barth.

But hey! It was fun taking the test, wasn't it. Wasn't it?

I have a consistent problem with these personality tests, however. And that is there is never a choice for both a and b. I always want to answer at least some of the questions by saying both are true.

An ambivalence meter should be a requirement on all of these things!

Which is only one of my brain defects. Another one is the same as that noted recetly by Virginia Postrel:
Because of a brain defect, I'm unable to spend my time surfing the Web and writing blog posts and still get any real work done
She's dealing with her problem by courageously not surfing the web, at least recently. I, unfortunately for me, am not yet that mature.


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