Thursday, July 07, 2005

Uday, Both Insane AND Brain Damaged

According to one of the physicians who treated Uday after the attempt on his life, on top of his developing insanity, Uday suffered brain damage as a result of his injuries.

The next morning, a CT-scan was reported to show some brain damage due to Uday's lack of blood pressure.

The diagnosis was extremely sensitive. What Uday least of all needed was brain damage added to his increasing mental instability. Bin-Sina's neurologists and neurosurgeons refused point-blank to confirm the scan report and, if they had, they would never have put it down on paper. It was safer to keep the bad news away from Uday and his family.
In other words, he was brain damaged, but it was never reported officially because doing so was too unsafe.

Sounds like he was shaping up as a Nero or Caligula just fine. Amazing. That's who the left wishes were still among the rulers of Iraq.


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