Saturday, July 02, 2005

Disengagement Blues

Here's an interesting poll that has, thus far, received very little publicity.

According to a poll commissioned by the ZOA, and carried out by carried out by McLaughlin & Associates, the Israeli Disengagement Plan is not at all popular in the US.

By 50% to 28%, Americans believe that "this Gaza plan sends a message that Arab terrorism is being rewarded."

Other findings showed that 63% of Americans believe "Jerusalem should remain under Israeli sovereignty – not Palestinian sovereignty," in comparison to only 5% who did not agree.

Also, 80% said they opposed "the continuation of $350 million in US aid to Palestinian Arabs."

By 61% to 28%, Americans believe that "if Hamas members are elected or appointed to official positions in the Palestinian Arab government, US officials should not meet or negotiate with them."

In response to the findings, ZOA President Morton A. Klein said, "This national poll exposes the myth that Americans support disengagement. Americans realize that it's a bad deal for Israel to make these major concessions without getting anything in return.

According to Klein, "Americans also understand that the pullout rewards the Hamas and Fatah suicide bombers whose counterparts are killing Americans every day in Iraq."


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