Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Which Christian Theologian Are You?

Karl Barth, drat! 100%. Heh, and I've never even read him. Although I
definitely think liberation theology was a disaster. That bit's true

I was hoping for Schleiermacher. Still I got 67% Schleiermacher,
so that is not all bad, and I'm pretty sure that I'm no more than 67%
Schleiermacher in any case. So pretty accurate on that score.
I admire the fact that he and Schlegel, together with Novalis
and a few others began the intellectual movement that became the
Early Romantic Movement against the ascendancy of the Enlightenment,
and I love his Platonism - I love early Schleiermacher, but am not so
into the later Christian Dogmatics.
He's certainly my favorite German Protestant Theologian.

I can't say how I got to be 67% John Calvin -- I'm sure that's not true.
And I can't remember Tillich much at all, although IIRC, he was pretty
big at the Div School. Have no idea if I agree with this assessment,

I also don't mind being 60% Anselm -- I enjoyed him quite a bit, very
Aristotelian, nor 53% Augustine, I liked him as well, moreover, he was
a bit of Platonist as well, since back then all the translations of Aristotle
were influenced, unwittingly, by Platonism.

Too bad I'm only 20% Moltman. I translated a bit of him in Divinity School
for that damn German exam and I found his writing very powerful.

Never read Finney or Edwards so have no clue.

7% Luther -- heh -- too bad it's not even lower.

Which Christian Theologian Are You?

You scored as Karl Barth.
The daddy of 20th Century theology.
You perceive liberal theology to be a
disaster and so you insist that the
revelation of Christ, not human
experience, should be the starting
point for all Christian theology.

Karl Barth


Paul Tillich


John Calvin


Friedrich Schleiermacher






Charles Finney


Jonathan Edwards


J├╝rgen Moltmann


Martin Luther


Which Christian theologian are you?

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