Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Starting to Look Still Looking Pretty Damn Glum

UPDATE XIV: Back around to Webb. Is the Senate going to go Democrat by 1? We won't know until tomorrow.

UPDATE XIII: Tennessee holds Republican. Allen is now back ahead by 2000 in Virginia with 99.18%.

UPDATE XII: So is the Senate going to go Democrat by 1, with that 1 being Lieberman?

OMG, that is a riot!!!

UPDATE XI: Webb pulls ahead, according to CNN, with 99% in. I wonder what the absentee ballots will bring.

UPDATE X: The House still needs two to turn hands

- and in the Senate, Michael Steele still refusing to concede and he's still ahead in the counted vote.

Allen up 12,000 with 96+% in.

UPDATE IX: I just heard Senator Reid - Senator Reid! - say that he wants to be a unifier not a divider. Snort! And that statement was completely independent of the fact that I am now on my fourth glass of wine!

UPDATE VIII: According to Drudge, with 92+% in, Allen is still holding. And in Missouri, with not that much counted, Talent is up by10%.

UPDATE VII: I'm now on my third glass of red wine and somehow, even though things are still going badly in various places, I'm not feeling as bad about it. Do you think there is a correlation?

UPDATE VI: Steele is not yet conceding, according to Jim Geraghty. Good for him.

And Michael Barone just said the exit polls add 6-8% to the Democrats.

UPDATE V: Now with 91% in, Allen has pulled away a bit again.

UPDATE IV: Damn! Webb is seriously gaining!

UPDATE III: Apparently Maryland goes to Cardin - which is a shame - Steele has shown himself to be truly charismatic and intelligent.

Allen is still holding onto a slim lead now with 84% in.

Lieberman has won and Chafee has lost.


VA SEN [77.16% IN]
ALLEN 858,105 49.68%
WEBB 848,445 49.12%

I'm glad it looks like Allen is holding on; though frankly, Webb is essentially a paleo-con, down to the whiffs of anti-semitism emanating from his campaign. I'm sure he would have been a "realist" on Israel - which is code for the two fingered salute. But in other respects, he might not have been so bad - on the judiciary, for example. Whereas Casey, in Pennsylvania, is just a fool's fool.

UPDATE: Now Drudge is saying DeWine is also out, but I haven't seen that reported elsewhere.

More glum than I had expected. And I expected the House to change hands.

I've resorted to comfort food. Pesto and wine.

Hopes for New Jersey and Pennsylania are gone - though those two seemed obvious. One day I'd like to know the reason, though, that New Jersey keeps on voting in really dodgy politicians, one after the other and all worse than before. Though I guess they deserve their political class they receive since they keep voting for them.

I'm with Van: Can we please put the bitter partisan politics of 2006 behind us now, and finally focus on the bitter partisan politics of 2008?

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