Sunday, November 05, 2006

The New Metrosexual James Bond

Look, It's not just for the US army, it's become a World Wide Meme

The sharing and caring side to Bond:
Strong yet sensitive, introducing the Bond that bleeds.

Casino Royale is the story of how Bond got started, before he became 007," he said. "Daniel Craig is such a good actor. He plays him as strong but emotionally vulnerable. For the first time you see Bond's sensitive side."
But do we want to see Bond's sensitive side?

I'd like to see him stop womanizing - because it turns all the women into objects - although I can't imagine that ever changing given the strength of the moviegoing demographic that enjoys that kind of thing. But I've never cared about his sensitive side. The movies aren't really long enough to get enough of an oomph out of his "sensitive side." Unless they are actually planning to build on that consistently in sequels - which I doubt, as that has never been part of the Bond franchise.

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