Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't cry for me, Siniora

I found this "new Lebanese anthem" in talkback 21 to a YNET article:

Don't cry for me, Siniora,
the truth is
I never loved you
I love Hizbulla

The anthem, not incidentally, came up in response to an article detailing how Tzipi Livni admonished Siniora to wipe away his tears and act with strength, not Hizballah induced weakness, for the sake of his country and his people.
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni called Tuesday in her Knesset speech to the Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Siniora "to wipe away his tears and to start acting in order to create a better future for the citizens for whom he is crying." In a special discussion in which the families of the kidnapped soldiers participated, Livni related to Siniora's crying in front of the foreign ministers of the Arab world in Beirut Monday.

According to Livni, Israel is paying the price for the weakness of the Lebanese government, the same price the Lebanese people are paying. "Siniora is using his weakness to call the international community to strengthen him. We say to the international community not to leave its decisions as mere decisions on paper, which are later pointed to when they are preserved in archives. We must not give veto power to Hizbullah. With the international community understands Siniora's weakness it gives more power to Hizbullah."
What interesting sexual politics! The female foreign minister of Israel admonishing the male prime minister of Lebanon not to cry and show his weakness. I bet that goes over well in the Muslim world.

Of course, the last time that Siniora cried publicly he was reacting to Hizbullah propaganda that 40 Lebanese civilians had been killed. The true number was one one casualty.

In more news from Israel, an increasing number of IDF soldiers and reservists are now asking to freeze their sperm, lest the worst happens to them while they are in combat situations, injury or death. This way their partners or parents will be left with the choice to have children or grandchildren from the seed of the dead soldier. I think it is an excellent idea. It might be an alternative which other modern armies want to offer their soldiers going into combat as well.


And in even more news from Israel, Lisa from On the Face visits an Israeli refugee camp, and afterwards both she and Egyptian Sand Monkey are depressed about it, but for very different reasons.

Sand Monkey has some pictures up at his site, as well as his explanation. Read the comments, too!

Itamar suggests that perhaps the Reuters photoshopping crew should have lent a hand before they went up on the web!

Lisa also explains why she is depressed about it, which makes for sobering reading. Appearances can be deceiving, while also being quite attractive.


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