Monday, August 07, 2006

We Go Together..Like the Fire That Needs the Flame

Londoners demonstrate their support for Hezbollah:


Walid Phares:
"The vast majority of intellectuals still live on a pre 9/11 planet. They refuse, even after the rise of democratic movements and dissidents in the region, to acknowledge that the jihadists are a fascist movement."

Which is, in fact, precisely what the London Socialist Worker claims: During Saturday's march, the London crowd was supporting the resistance.
While the march encompassed all those opposed to Israel's aggression, those speakers who declared their solidarity with the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine received huge cheers.
In these peoples minds, there appears to be a perfect, eidetic notion of the resistance somewhere in the aether, such that whenever any form of it appears, anywhere on earth, all left-thinking people are obliged to support it.

But lo and behold, in this case, "the resistance" is nothing more than the workings of shi'ite fundamentalism.

Meanwhile, back in Iraq, another arm of the shi'ite militia, in Sadr city, also a wholly owned subsidiary of Iran, works towards the Islamic revolution, proving Phares' point.

Do the people in London realize this, too, is who they are cheering on? Another head of the same hydra they are supporting back home?

There is growing evidence that Shia militias have been killing men suspected of being gay and children who have been sold to criminal gangs to be sexually abused. The threat has led to a rapid increase in the numbers of Iraqi homosexuals now seeking asylum in the UK because it has become impossible for them to live safely in their own country...

One photograph is of the mutilated, burnt body of 38-year-old Karar Oda from Sadr City. He was kidnapped by the Badr Brigade in mid-June. They work with the Ministry of Interior and are the informal armed wing of the Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution in Iraq, who make up the largest Shia bloc in the Iraq parliament.


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