Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scary Jews!

Not only did I learn that Arlen Spector was Jewish this week, which was bad enough. But now it turns out, that so is Moammar Qadaffi! Technically speaking.

His mother was a Jew converted to Islam at age 9 and married a Bedouin.

So both he and his mother count as tinokot she nishbu, that is Jews who were "captured" as children and didn't have a chance to learn about Judaism, so cannot halakhically be held responsible for their failure to observe the commandments.

'Tinokos she-nishbu - children who have been captured and raised outside of a Jewish community. In other words, they are not blamed for their lack of adherence to traditional Judaism and do not fall into the talmudic categories of sectarians, apostates or rejecters."

[Hat tip: Roger L. Simon]


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