Sunday, April 16, 2006

Go Lord Carey, Go!

There is a move by other Anglican bishops to quell former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey's "disloyalty" to Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop.

Among other things, Lord Carey announced to the world he was ashamed to be an Anglican after Rowan Williams gave his support to a measure that would cause the Anglican General Synod to change its policy to supporting disinvestment from Israel.

That, in fact, is considered one of Lord Carey's "unhelpful" interventions.
The letter to Carey says: "Your actions in retirement are . . . discourteous to Archbishop Rowan Williams as he attempts to hold together the Anglican communion . . . [He] deserves our respect and support, not the disloyalty which you currently display.

'We respectfully request that you desist from further intrusions into areas now beyond your control, and honour the convention of not undermining the work of your successor.'

While the letter is intended to help Williams, it highlights splits over his leadership. In February he had to deny rumours he was planning to retire early, in 2008. Lambeth Palace is said to be "saddened" by the frequency with which Carey "pops up" to take positions that increase his successor's difficulties.

Interventions seen as unhelpful include Carey's comment that he was "ashamed to be an Anglican" after the General Synod decided with Williams's support to review church investments in Caterpillar, whose bulldozers have been used by the Israeli government to attack Palestinian buildings.
Rowan Williams, I believe, is a Liberation Theologist, or at least his perspective is heavily inflected by that line of Marxist-Christian theology, so it is not surprising that he consistently drifts into left wing theological platitudes.

See here for earlier coverage of Lord Carey and the Anglican disinvestment issue.


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