Monday, April 10, 2006

Today in Passover Searches..

I've had some interesting searches recently, including:

Passover+Kosher+ Marijuana

And various forms of a classic from last year:

Why is Coriander Considered Kitniot?

Kitniot is an grouping of food that is not chometz, which is forbidden on Passover, but which some rabbis believed might in some way become confused with chometz. (Chometz include all substances made with the five major grains: wheat, rye, oats, barley and spelt or any extract thereof.) At its core are rice and beans and other substances classifiable as legumes, but that extends far out from that core group.

Coriander, for example, is particularly perplexing for people who are used to purchasing cilantro, otherwise known as Chinese parsley. It is hard to visualize that as a substance that might be confused with a form of grain. Coriander is the seeds from the cilantro plant. And when ground, it still is nothing like a ground grain.

Apparently, though, in the olden days, it used to be grown near wheat fields, and thus grains of wheat were found mixed up in it. And because of that, rabbis don't want you to use it today!

Ah, the joy of Jewish tradition!

Pillage Idiot has a piece from last year which will help you deal with your joy!

The confusion as to whether marijuana is classified as kosher for pesach, I take it, relates to the fact that on some lists, hemp is also regarded as kitniot. The fact that it is a substance that inflates your spirit, I'm sure, is just coincidental, halachically speaking that is. But if anyone knows better, please let me know.

Oh and by the way, here's the good news! Peanuts and quinoa - definitely not kitniot! Just in case you wanted to make quinoa cookies with peanut butter or something.

Hey! Now that you mention it, maybe I will!

And here's a hot Passover Cleaning Tip from Martha Stewart Magainze, which I picked up in the doctor's office.

To clean brass and copper using a natural method: Cut a lemon in two pieces, pour course salt - sea salt or kosher salt - over object to be cleaned, and then rub it with the lemon.

This one works.


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