Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Speaking About Exploiting Jury Duty

Denis Collins is a juror on the Scooter Libby trial, somewhat discussed during the course of the trial because he had worked for Bob Woodward, who testified, and was a neighbor of Tim Russert, who also testified. Since unlike Russert, Woodward gave some very mature testimony, there was some hope that this guy would not prove to be an utter moonbat.


It turns out, a fact he did not reveal at the voir dire of the trial, that he had also authored a book on classified agents at the CIA, one of whom, a female of an appropriate age, just happened to have worked in Africa, very like, one, oh, Valery Plame. Meanwhile, he's already been on all the best liberal talk shows airing his opinions on this case. He's like the self-important Joe Wilson of the jury, can't shut up, is working to exploit this experience as a way to foist his self importance on the rest of us and is similarly endowed with important hair.

The guy has already come out with a massive article about his trial experience on Huffington Post, which, as we all know, is a nice politically balanced website. 7 pages. I expect he stayed up all night long, after the many talk shows he performed on last night, in order to get the work done in time to launch it this morning.

It would be interesting to know just who he was talking to to get this arranged while the jury was deliberating.

Can a deal for a book be far behind? Maybe he has already made one?

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