Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Abir: Ancient Jewish Fighting Techniques Made New

In early November, Rabbi Lazar Brody put up a post that discussed the backgroud of the Abir Aluf - the Grandmaster of Abir, Yehoshua Sofer and the historical roots of Abir, the martial art he (re)established.

Fascinating stuff. Who knew that there was a tradition of Jewish fighting, based on ancient techniques, that lingered in Yemen? And that, in the 1920s, King Abdulla Ibn Hussein of Transjordan had Jewish bodyguards, trained in this ancient fighting technique.

This week, Rabbi Brody added a clip showing the Abir Aluf, bio here in action. If you have an appreciation for martial arts, this vid is well worth watching. Yehoshua Sofer holds 7th Degree black belts in Korean Kuk Sool Won, Hapkido and a 6th Degree black belt in TukGong Musool (designed for elite military and intelligence agents in S.Korea)

Plus, if that kind of thing bothers you, no worry of avodah zara - idol worship. Always a plus. I've studied Krav Mega in the past - which I enjoyed tremendously, and keep meaning to resume - but it is true that it does feel like a mish-mash, inauthentic, as far as martial arts go, in that there is no cohesive spiritual side to it.

Years ago when I lived in France, I had an amazing Taekwon Do instructor who often happened to make the point that the warrior ethic of Taekwon Do went hand in hand with Buddhism, to achieve a body and soul in harmony, each to strengthen the other.

Which makes Krav Mega, I suppose, the anti-religious step-child of the martial arts.

From the information provided, the only problem I see is there doesn't seem to be a women's school yet. Or a New York branch.

To quote Michael Ledeen. Faster Please.

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