Thursday, September 28, 2006

China: Harvest Season Lasts All Year Long

Last April, I first reported on the horrific practice of forced prisoner organ harvesting in China - a practice that allows China to hold the dominant market position in a horrific industry. Essentially, they can harvest whatever organs they require - after DNA analysis - from the prisoners they hold - including, of course, prisoners of conscience.

And now the BBC - in its breaks from reporting on the scourge that is Zion and the USA under Bush - has finally deigned to pursue the matter.
The BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes visited No 1 Central Hospital in Tianjin, ostensibly seeking a liver for his sick father.

Officials there told him that a matching liver could be available in three weeks.

One official said that the prisoners volunteered to give their organs as a "present to society".

He said there was currently an organ surplus because of an increase in executions ahead of the 1 October National Day.

China executes more prisoners than any other country in the world. In 2005, at least 1,770 people were executed, although true figures were believed to be much higher, a report by human rights group Amnesty International said.

In March, China's foreign ministry admitted that organs from prisoners were used, but said that it was only in "a very few cases".

Spokesman Qin Gang said that the organs were not taken forcibly, but only with the express permission of the convict.
Years ago, when I was studying at an ulpan at Hebrew U, the Hebrew language teacher who was originally from a kibbutz reported on a sociological fact, that people who left the kibbutz diverged, for the most part, into two types - extremely materialistic people and the exact opposite. Usually they were not middle of the road on this issue.

Thus it is no surprise, now that China was embraced capitalism, to find the kind of "capitalism" it practices is completely conscienceless. In Darfur, in order to receive cheap oil and here, with its own citizens, including prisoner's of conscience.


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